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This is nothing compared to the premium charge that Betfair introduced in 2008.This is the amount Betfair will charge us a 5%. the premium charge.

Betfair is working under a Gibraltar license though the headquarters are in West.

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I realise no posts since last June makes me a poor excuse for a blogger so apologies for that.The following post will cover Betfair Arbitrage and what other resources are out there to use for maximising trading profits.As you may have already heard there are troubling times ahead as Betfair announce they will be increasing the premium charge up to as much as 60% from July 18th 2011.

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Started with trading on Betfair and developed to use self created betting bots to.

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A huge discussion is taking place all over the online betting and trading forums about the Premium Charge Betfair have introduced last month.I will attempt to explain exactly how the premium charge works here.

Betfair has denied reports that it is set to abandon plans to introduce a new charge aimed at its.

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So most of the matched bets come from premium charge costumers.If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the live chat or by PM and I will try to answer them or get an answer from Betfair.When online betting exchange sites such as Betfair became available as.I was more of a statistical punter and used bet and forget strategies, some of them w.

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For Non Americans i believe Betfair is the. fees and therefore get charged with betfairs premium charge) and probably beats betfair volumewise for.Since the introduction of the punitive charge for the most successful players globally, there are some strategies that such players can adopt to minimise their.

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