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For political junkies, polls and predictions are almost irresistible.Every day, our election forecasting-machine is using the latest polls to make a prediction. (including the latest election odds) and make your own prediction.Models that forecast the 2016 presidential election, mostly by studying polls, are predicting a Hillary Clinton win over Donald Trump and Gary Johnson.

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We are a non-partisan group dedicated to keep you informed with recent political polls from trusted polling companies and predictions from reputable pundits. NYC.Gallup has more data and insights on the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world.Election Prediction Project attempts to predict the result of.

The generic Congress poll has long been a leading indicator of success in the midterm.

In order for Donald Trump to win this election, he must win.Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018 - check Karnataka election predictions, exit polls and survey results by VDP associates, ABP news, India TV, RSS and more.UK political pollsters told to upgrade methods to improve predictions. Polls in Britain failed to predict.

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Sci-Tech Twitter beats national polls for election predictions, prof claims.PredictIt is a real-money binary-options prediction market that tests your knowledge of political events by letting you buy and trade shares.

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Find the latest political news stories, photos, and videos on NBCNews.com. Read breaking headlines covering Congress, Democrats, Republicans, election news, and more.Covering Politics, History, and Culture in the Greatest Nation on Earth.

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Among the nine polling firms that conducted their polls wholly or partially online, the average error in calling the election result was 2.1 percentage points.

Campbell shows the power of poll damping in political forecasting. Markets. Prediction markets show very accurate forecasts of an election outcome.In a study, 964 election polls were compared with the five US presidential elections from 1988 to 2004.As you can see, I failed massively by refusing to believe polls.Look at the opinion polls as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go to head-to-head in the US election. US election poll tracker: Who is ahead.Daily, weekly and monthly updates on key indicators that provide context for the 2016 presidential election.

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National polls for the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Coverage of the 2018 Ontario election from the Star. but new poll results suggest that millennials may show up at the ballot box in greater numbers this year,.